TRNP alone- October 2005

I had a free day in my trip through North and South Dakota this month and I went to Medora and spent the day hiking the east side of the park. I made a full 28 mile day out of all the trails on the east side. It was a beautiful day and I saw almost all the parks wildlife. I had the trails to myself.



Coyotes in with the Prairie Dogs

Wild Horses


I finished back where I started, just as evening light was fading.

Nebraska Star Party and Wounded Knee, SD- August 2005

I took my daughter Emily on a road trip in August. I had business as usual in Nebraska and South Dakota, but this time we took some time off to join my friend Mike Benz at the Nebraska Star Party in Valentine NE.

We car camped in the park during the star party

After the star party we went to Rapid City, by way of Wounded Knee, SD. Not a very impressive area given its history. The poverty on the native american reservations in obvious.

We stayed the night in the Badlands National Park before going to Rapid City, SD

C2 in Wind Cave and Mt Harney SD- March 2005

This could be one of my favorite trips of all time. We hiked around the entire Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota and saw an amazing amount of wild life and the hike was over rolling hills without another person in site.

Antelope and Bison right off the bat



The Trail was just waiting. We did 20-22 miles

Beautiful spot to rest

I was glad the trail fashion police weren't out this weekend. Man I look like I am in line for a disco. I am sure Christine was laughing her ass off behind me!

Beautiful blue sky day


Prairie Dogs
More Bison

And Lots of Elk

The trail was just spectacular

After this hike we headed up to Mt Harney, the highest point east of the Rockies. On the way you have to pass Mt.Rushmore

Still quite a bit of snow in the backcountry. Another great fashion day for me!

The views from on top of Mt Harney were just sensational. What a day

From the Fire Tower on top of Mt. Harney you can see a long way. We picked a trail where we could make a 15 mile loop. This was really a great hike
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