Big Sugar Creek Trail, Cuivre River State Park- November 2009

I had not been out in the woods in a while and was feeling a bit out of sorts. So a quick solo 7 miles hike at Cuivre River State Park was in order. It was very muddy after all the rain and the horses are allowed on this trail and they have destroyed the trail, but the sky was clear and the weather nice

The Creeks were all running high and clear the bottoms had some cool rock formations (below) Even though it was muddy it was nice to be out in the woods. The day started at 34 degrees at 7 am

I have done this trail so many times I never consider the water up, you can just normally walk across Big Sugar Creek, but today it was running at least calf high so I need to find a way across.. twice. This first time was a hairy climb along and over a fallen tree. (below)

The second time, I was not the only one looking for a way across. This racoon was just ahead of me going to use the same tree (below) to get across.

The view from the top of Big Sugar Creek valley and it warmed to 54 degrees by the time I was done with 7 miles - 2hr 27 min

Fall in the backyard- November 2009

It has been a very wet fall and the Maple in my backyard has turned a firery red that is just beautiful.

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