C2+R3 Rim to Rim to Rim Grand Canyon Hike- January 2006

What an epic adventure. What to do for your 44th Birthday. Why not hike the Grand Canyon from South Rim to North Rim, back to South Rim in 72 hours. This trip had so much to offer. A great challenge, the amazing Grand Canyon scenery, great company, and the posiblility that either the park service would not allow us to do this hike or that we simply could not phyisically do it. We over came all those challenges to make this a trip one I will never forget.

There are always so many "Big" views of the Grand Canyon, it is difficult to decide which ones to include. The canyon changes constantly with the light of the day

carrying far to much weight. This is the last time I used a pack this heavy. after this trip my whole pack including contents was around what this pack weighs empty. I was converted to the lightweight ethic after this trip!
At Cottenwood Campground, we dumped our packs and went "cowboy" camping in order to make it to the North Rim.

A fabulous way to spend your Birthday
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