Great Smoky Mountain N.P. Trail Survey 2- August 2007

For the second year in a row I have been fortunate to be part of the trail survey in the Park. Christine, with me as her assistant, evaluate last years trail work and catalog what still needs to be done on the AT trail that runs through GSMNP

It is not always about the "BIG" views in GSMNP. The park is just as beautiful upclose

Some days it is beautiful weather.....

.....And some days its NOT

Rain is always in the forecast in the Smokies

Bears are always active in the Smokies, but this year they seemed to be especially agressive

Shelter life is the norm when you hike through the Smokies. You are required to stay in a shelter, no tent camping allowed. Some nights you might be alone and other nights you might have 10 additional friends!

In the end, it is a magical place
Almost toward the end we came across a mother and 3 cubs. When she saw us, she pushed the cubs up the tree and watched us from the base as we passed. I took this while keeping one eye on her.

Well worth the 80 miles and 5 day

Hummer Off Road Adventure August 2007

My Hummer dealer, Lynch Hummer, sponsored a day of off road adventure at a Bison Ranch in southern Missouri. It was great day and we had lots of fun in woods.

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