Hike in the Smokies with a Hummer Pre Adventure- May 2009

Started out with the intention of getting away for a couple days to hike in the Smokies. Made it as far as Paducah, KY. The Hummer's check engine light came on and was blinking... not a good sign. I pulled off in a Love's Gas Station parking lot (no pictures because who would have thought it would become an adventure itself). Used Onstar called a tow truck, waited 90 minutes and one showed up... no worries right?
22 miles down the highway the tow truck's transmission blew up! Now we are waiting for 2 tow trucks, one for me and one for the first tow truck. Waited 3 hours!!!!!
loaded the Hummer on the second tow truck and started toward Memphis 170 miles, the closest Hummer dealer. After waiting so long for the second tow truck, I arrived after the shop had closed and had to get a hotel room and wait till the next morning to find out the problem. Hummer needed complete new head, valve spring and valve had broken loose, took 3 days to complete but it was all under warranty. Jay at Crest Hummer in Nashville and all the staff were fantastic to me!
hummer unloaded on side of highway after1st tow truck, above, blew its transmission

Hummer being loaded onto the second tow truck

Hummer arriving at Best Cadillac/Hummer in Memphis Tennessee.
The sweet ride they gave me as a loaner- Cadillac STS

it was good to be back in the park even if I only had a day and half left.

Since Christine now lives and works in the Smokies she
found a way to connect 4 trails and we did about 30 miles

Trail was beautiful as usual and even though it was a week till Memorial Day, not a soul on our trail.

Woodland Nymph music speaks to Christine
The music moves me, but it moves me UGLY!

moving smartly up the trail, it was all up hill most of the first day. The calves are already bulging.

The smokies were earning their name all weekend
The Flora and the Fauna is always so varied, great and small, there is so much to see if you pay attention

After a long first day, soaking the feet in Deep Creek feels fantastic

Deep Creek was both deep and fast

Perfect campsite right by the water, a few bees in the beginning of the evening, but they were only interested in our sweat not us.

A perfect Christine fire

Next day, woke to rain, the trail was very misty

Wet but fun
Really wet, but more fun

Finished... can I turn around and go back!

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