Return to the Badlands, SD- August 2012

On the way to and returning from the Black Hills Hang, Vicky and I passed through the Badlands. It was a week of pure blue skies and mild temperatures and a great adventure.

Total blue sky day in the badlands

On our way back we took the Badlands loop road. On top of the plateau you can see forever

A chance to see sunflower fields that go on for miles- not really a crop you can see often in this quantity in the midwest

3000 miles on the trusty Hummer this week
 no visit to the area is complete without a bit of touristy indulgence- Wall Drug- this time just a really good ice cream soda

Hammock Forums - 1st Black Hills Hang August 2012

A great opportunity to get back to the Black Hills of South Dakota- The first ever Black Hills Hang. Timed perfectly to allow me to do some work on the way and see some friends, Vicky and I headed out for what we hoped would be a get away from the heat and a chance to meet new friends. We were not disappointed on either account.
 Sheridan Lake Park, a lovely setting in the heart of the Black Hills. The weather could not have been more beautiful- low eighties during the day, blue sky, but a spectacular low 40's at night, perfect sleeping weather

The perfect place to have a hang
Vicky in the 1.7 SL Blackbird with HG 20 degree bottom quilt and Golite 20 degree top quilt

 Me in the 'Black Knight" rig: Wilderness logic Snipe hammock, HG NEW 10D 40 degree bottom and top quilts and a Fronkey bug net- all black- everything included about 24 oz total.

The wildflowers were quite lovely all around the woods

 All the hangers begin to arrive: Our host, Brian (Boothill) and Susan (Sodakgrrl) along with Vicky, Carol, Dick and of course Marty- the dog
 Paul and Frank join

Steve and Carol
 Steve and Rowan ( I think)

Dinner the first night, great chili's; one meat and one vegetarian along with beer bread

 and dessert- Cheesecake!

There was a fire ban still in effect so no campfires I am afraid, it made for some early bedtimes. Waking up the next morning to sunrise in the hammock 43 degrees
 I don't remember the last time I saw as many stars in the night sky as Friday night

View of the Sheridan Lake beach area
Saturday and sightseeing- no trip to the Black Hills is complete without a stop at Mt Rushmore.

 Dinner on Saturday night was a real spread; Elk brats, Bison burgers, and all the fixin's

 A complete group photo at dinner of the Hammock Forums 1st Black Hills Hang

After dinner it was show and tell, Steve in his DangerBird
 Susan testing out Frank's Clark Hammock

Another perfect night in the hammock on Saturday waking up to 41 degrees
 It was chilly- First time I had to find were I put the down!

Paul rode 2500 miles on his scooter to the hang- below Paul and Brian recreate a classic scene from Dumb and Dumber ( I will leave that to your imagination)
 Our final pose together before Paul takes off ( Frank had to leave very early in the morning)

Thank you to Brian and Susan for arranging such a great weekend. Everything from the food to the weather and especially the company was fantastic. Can't wait for next year!
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