Quick Trip to Mt Rushmore and the RV- October 2009

Vicky flew out to Rapid City South Dakota so we could pick up the RV from our good friends the Shaw's. Since the motorcycle left, as a personal toy, I vowed to get something the whole family could enjoy. We have discussed getting an RV several times and this seemed like the perfect oppurtunity to try it and see how we like it. First we spent the day doing some sightseeing around the Black Hills and Mt Rushmore. It was perfect blue sky day!
The Missouri Flag highlights Mt.Rushmore (above) and we take advantage of the "photo op"

Our friends the moutain goats were out everywhere in the sunshine

You can see a long way from the top of the Black Hills
Nice photo of Vicky (below)

1000 miles from Rapid City to St.Louis, and oh did I mention 6.5 miles per gallon!!
stopping for the night and trying out our first KOA RV campsite. $34. (still doesn't make up for the gas mileage)

Absolutely lovely dawn (below)

The inside of the RV is in great shape and Vicky sorts things out

Getting ready for Day 2. The outside needs some work, but we are going to work on it over the winter when weather permits

The Rolling Turd..
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