TGO Challenge Training begins Feb 7 2014

90 days to go till the TGO challenge and time to get serious about training again. I have had some issues with my hip over the last 6 months that finally culminated in a cortisone shot in my hip on Friday, surgery will wait until after May. So the doctor told me that Saturday would feel like a normal day (pain) and the shot would kick in on Sunday. I wanted to get out and do some miles to see if I could walk on it the way it has been ( I can and feel like I could do the challenge regardless) but I wanted a benchmark for when the pain goes way and how much better it feels. So I snuck over to Lost Valley this morning and did 8.5 miles in 2 hours and 10 minutes with 6 pound pack (just some water and a jacket in my Golite Jam50. The temperature was 32 when I started and 54 when I ended and the trail turned a bit muddy in spots. I only saw 4 bikers, 3 people walking dogs and two guys hunting squirrels which was odd to see two guys with 12 gauge shotguns walking on the trail in a conservation area (no hunting).

Temperature was rising fast today, but still plenty of nice frozen water over the rocks

Site 76, one of the old buildings that used to be on this property many years ago
Trail was muddy

Glad to be out for the first time this new year walking

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