Hammock Forums- Wisconsin Hang April 13-15, 2012

When the Wisconsin Hang was announced I planned my work week to end near Wausau, WI., to be able to attend. The hang was in the Kronenwetter Forest Unit just south of Wausau. The Forest Unit is an established snow mobile area with the path covered in gravel and some off-shooting wide grassy trails.

 The hike in took just a few minutes from the parking lot across a very nice flowing creek.

The hang site was easy to spot!

I was in with two other hangers on Thursday night, Matt (SADLK) and Lonetracker. The night was completely clear and full of stars, so I slept without the tarp.
Wilderness Logic Snipe hammock, Hammock Gear: underquilt, topquilt and cuben tarp.
Morning was brilliant with the sun rising in the trees.

The day was spent sleeping in late and doing some last minute work that needed to get done on Friday, but eventually that was done and more hangers had arrived. As evening approached and dinners were being prepared, we got our first look at Rbinhood's menu for the weekend.
Remember you can click on a picture for a larger view!  LOL
in case you are wondering- meat kabobs, tomatoes and peppers on the skewers and below potatoes, onions and BACON
Later I learned that Lorax was also quite the celebrity having contributed meals to Freezer Bag Cooking. this was one of the first books I bought about lightweight camping. Below his biscuits and gravy.....

 Friday night threatened a little rain so I deployed the tarp. Lots of animal noises this weekend. Coyote, Crane, turkey, owl, and even a wolf

Saturday morning came with sunshine. the storm of the night before had been blown out by a high pressure and the day was beautiful. I planned to walk the entire Forest Unit today.
red line going down, blue line coming back up

 I had wanted to make a loop and you can see that you can go on some side trails to the parking lots along Bailey Rd and Co Hwy J, but all of the side "grassy" trails were complete swamps I tried to push through in a couple of spots but was sinking to my below my ankles

 So I stayed on the snow mobile trail and went all the way down to the south border stopping at St.Hwy 153 and then turning around and coming all the way back. I managed a slight detour, for a little variety. The temperature was up in the 70's today.
 The wildflowers were starting to come out along the side of the trail
Saturday night was fire making night. Rbinhood along with Lonetracker, Fatdaddy tried to make fire using some ancient fire starting techniques. (bow and spindle to make a cool)  It was really interesting to watch and learn how to make fire without any modern advantages

 The outrageous food continued Saturday night- Green with envy as I ate my noodles

 The rain came Saturday night, but I had my tarp in porch mode so I could watch the rain come down. there is a resident Black Bear that lives in the Forest Unit, but I didn't see him, although with the food smells, I am surprised.

packing up Sunday morning making sure you could never tell I was there.

Very happy to have been invited and looking forward to doing it again- great bunch of guys

Animals spotted: 
Crane, Turkey, Deer
Animals heard:
Crane, Turkey, Owl, Coyotes, Wolf...

Thanks RBdoger and Fatdaddy for organizing and everyone I met that attended. Video coming soon

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