Father's Day at the RV Campground- June 2010

For Father's day I took my father ( Ron) and brother (Chris) to a campground for some R&R and fishing. It was hot, but a great time.

RV parked and ready to go, the awning gives us plenty of shade

Relaxing under the awning getting ready for fishing

Dad relaxes on the bank of the smaller pond. Chris caught a few small ones, and I hooked a huge catfish, but it got off at the bank... that was my plan all along
After fishing it was very hot, but the pool felt great, Dad shows off the body
Chris and Ron in the pool
Steak and Veggies for dinner followed by the ice cream social at the RV lodge.
We got a chance to meet our neighbors! hehehe
Redneck washroom

We fished on the larger lake the next morning, it was a walk down a steep hill to get there a steep climb back up.  I hooked a few bass, but otherwise it was a bust.

Memorial Day at Cuivre River State Park- May 2010

Oh my! what were we thinking..... I remember now. The RV is finished, everything works and it is watertight so lets go try it out, but we only have Sunday afternoon and Monday, so it has to be some where close. Let's go to Cuivre River State Park. It is 17 miles from my house and I have hiked its trails many times and never had an issues with lots of people.... But wait it is Memorial Day... that shouldn't matter, should it?
The RV waits in the driveway to get loaded
I reserved a campsite online... the last one left in the campground
site 94
arrived and parked no problems

We are all set up

Got the electric and water installed
The inside is cleaned and new bed all fixed up
So once we are settled in and have relaxed a bit, I know lets go down to the beach and take a swim before dinner. It is about a 1/2 mile walk each way and it will help get ready for dinner. I didn't remember that a State Park beach on memorial day is like monthly bath time for "white trash" ;-)
I actually got in... I will probably need 200cc of penicillin after this!
We invented new RV games while we were at the beach...
1. Count the tattoos and 2. People that shouldn't wear bikinis

the experience was so traumatic that we had to come back and start to drink and keeping with the theme of the weekend. The Missouri wine has a twist off top....

Dinner together, included my "wife beater" t-shirt. I am trying to fit in... next thing you know I will be listening to the Nascar channel.

Well this campground life was too much for me, so I got up early and had to hit the trail. fortunately there was a trail at the end of the campground and no one was on it. RV people don't walk anywhere. We saw them get in their cars to drive to the trash can!
The trail was beautiful and the spring flowers were all in bloom

I almost stepped on this big guy, a Speckled Kingsnake. he was about 4 feet long and in the tall grass right in the middle of the trail. If I hadn't been looking down my next step would have been right on top of him
A Missouri Box Turtle

After that, I needed a hearty breakfast. Eggs, Bacon, Biscuits...
Every one's trailers are all white and shiny!

We know now why we were the last campsite left... great view from our spot. the water tower and the dumping station

Even being a snob, we had a great time getting away and enjoying the new toy. We can't wait to get out again soon. Maybe with just few less people... LOL!

Wild Life:
Speckled Kingsnake
Box turtle
Redheaded Woodpecker
White Tail Deer
Red Tailed Hawk
Ticks and
Missouri White Trash

Recommended Wines:
Augusta Winery, Missouri- Raspberry Blush
YellowTail, Australia - Melot
Support Our National Parks - Preserve - Protect - Enjoy