Father's Day at the RV Campground- June 2010

For Father's day I took my father ( Ron) and brother (Chris) to a campground for some R&R and fishing. It was hot, but a great time.

RV parked and ready to go, the awning gives us plenty of shade

Relaxing under the awning getting ready for fishing

Dad relaxes on the bank of the smaller pond. Chris caught a few small ones, and I hooked a huge catfish, but it got off at the bank... that was my plan all along
After fishing it was very hot, but the pool felt great, Dad shows off the body
Chris and Ron in the pool
Steak and Veggies for dinner followed by the ice cream social at the RV lodge.
We got a chance to meet our neighbors! hehehe
Redneck washroom

We fished on the larger lake the next morning, it was a walk down a steep hill to get there a steep climb back up.  I hooked a few bass, but otherwise it was a bust.

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