Great Smoky Mountain NP Trail Survey 1- August 2006

Christine had been asked by the Head of the Rangers in GSMNP to survey the trail and report on its condition for the crews that would work in the park for the next year. I begged to come along and assist (hold the pencil). This was my first real long distance hike. 5 days.

The views of the Smokies are beautiful

The diversity of this park is just amazing.
Walking here is very hard, as the terrain is rocky and lots of ups and downs.

It was very foggy and rainy on this trip and the smokies lived up to their reputation

The Sun did come out occasionally and Christine was always ready to go. She had just come off of a season at Konnarock Trail Crew and was in great shape

After the weather the night sky was always amazing

For me, the small life, is always the most amazing

The blackberries were an added bonus, great taste, if you could get to them before the Black Bear!

I have been facinated by shelters. I always imagined sleeping in them when we day hiked, now I was going to spend 5 nights in them.

Most are nice, some are not!

Most are put in very beautiful settings

In bear country you need to take special precautions, like hanging your food on bear lines high overhead at night

80 miles was a very tough hike, but it was very rewarding to finish.
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