Linville Gorge N.C. and a hike on the AT in Virginia- June 2008

We planned to do 3 1/2 days in what is called the "Grand Canyon of North Carolina" Linville Gorge. This is a Wilderness area (with a capital W) which means no mantainence of the trails unless they are adopted by individuals. It was very pretty, but the trail was completely overgrown.

The trail that showed on the map to go along the river for miles, actually was about 700 to 1000 feet above the river and we had to "bushwack" through it.

The River was flowing well and when we were close, it was very nice.

Some of the rock formations where very imposing, with some rather narrow sections

Navigating the trail was not always easy... Trying not to hurt myself !

camping at the end of the day after going 7 miles in 7 hours

We got out of the gorge the next morning by walking up a very steep trail and then 5 miles of road walking that sometimes seemed to go straight up.

We spent the afternoon at Tupalo's in Boone N.C. a fantastic restaurant!

We re-grouped and spent the next night on the AT in Virginia at a very new shelter called Hurricane. It was 2 great days and one great night (it rained at night and the sound was very soothing)

Hurricane Shelter

Christine made a great fire, as usual

The morning was perfect

Comer Creek Falls was a great way to end the hike

The tiny colors where amazing along the trail



fire paint

Mountain laurel... my favorite

There was also time for a little exploring in the cave at Konnarock Base Camp.

Trouble with Trees- June 2008

Christine had a little problem with this giant tree that had fallen across the trail. The trail was so narrow, there was not a way to go around.... only over!

Music for this trip
The music I am listening too the most for this trip that has inspired me lately.
Artist: Geoffrey Oryema
Song: The River
Album: Beat the Border, Real World Records 1993

Artist: Peter Gabrial
Song: Whole Thing
Album: Big Blue Ball, Real World Records, 2007
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