Wedding Video

Just a short video to celebrate the wedding of our friends Brian and Susan

Brian and Susan's Wedding and the Black Hills Hammock Hang #7 August 2018

August means it is time once again for the Black Hills Hang. An event we have been to now 5 of the 6 years it has been going on. However this year we actually were considering not going. There was so much going on back home with new job, family moving around, we simply didn't think we were going to have time to fit in the event this year. But then this came in the mail!

We were so excited to receive the news. We love Susan and Brian and they have become great friends over the years of us going to the hang, there was no way we were going to miss this event. So plans were made.
As luck would have it, my new job gives me the Dakota's back as a part of my work responsibility, so we decided that I would work my way across the state the week before but then do to another work commitment we would have to drive all the way home (1000 miles) in a single day on Sunday following the event so I could catch a plane Monday morning. 

Our first stop on any trip toward Rapid City and the Black Hills is Badlands National Park. It is desolate and while you can hike, and I have across the ground, It is one of the best parks if you simply take the road tour and take your time. Every turn and vista is amazing.

Rapid City is home to our best pals. Moose (below) and his fur brothers, Riley and now Stout. Their parents Barry and Saundra are pretty alright as well! We stayed with them for a couple nights and talked business but mostly hung out and had a fabulous time eating and drinking and catching up.

Thursday brings us over to Sheridan Lake for the start of the Black Hills Hang. This is a beautiful and somewhat quiet part of the Black Hills. This is a primitive park so it caters to campers and fisherman but always seems to be much quieter than the surrounding hot tourist areas. 

We actually changed sites this year. Anticipating many more guests and a few more RV's! Brian switched to a larger site right next to our old one. 

The site name is Squirrel 

Arriving and picking out a great spot up on the hill, we get the hammocks set up.

It is a lovely sunshine day 

There is still an abundance of wildflowers all over the hills of the campgrounds

Our view from our hammocks into the woods

Once everything is unloaded there is time to sit with Brian and Susan (Carol - Left) before other participants arrive. We will have a combination of people coming for the hang and also people coming just for the wedding on Saturday. 
It looks quite lonely now, but just wait

It doesn't take Vicky long to spend time with the Brian and Susan's fur kids.
Vicky and Murphy
Cutty (top), Murphy and Angus

As the participants arrived for the hang, many of them had dogs this year. Pete came from Bozeman Montana and his dog Oden


There were guys all the way from Alabama. Rex (Left), Thomas, and Brett.We had a total of 11 hammock hangers at this years Hang.
 Brian either starting dinner or rethinking this whole marriage thing? 

Susan, not worried in the least with her feet up. "Brian, bring me a beer dear!"
Night one was big pots of Chili and Stew with cornbread and other fixings! 


A beautiful sunrise morning 

Vicky and I had some time today and she had never seen Crazy Horse, so we spent the morning at the monument. 

The sculpture of Crazy Horse inside the museum with the actual mountain carving in the background.

Vicky with the artist working model, again with the actual mountain in the background

Inside the artists studio looking out on the mountain with the model of what the property will look like when it is completely finished (there is a college campus and arts center proposed for the completed area.

Afterwords as is our custom we were off to Hill City to eat at the Bumpin Buffalo. We split the 1 pound burger and then feel like we need to nap for a week! 

Going back to the campsite it is soon time for everyone to start to arrive for the rehearsal. Susan trying to explain how she got talked into all this! 
Dean (left), Ron and his wife Lea

The bride to be

Dean and Lea

The Maid of Honor - Evelyn

The parents of the groom- Dick and Carol 

Always time for fun and games and watching people play Corn Hole is always a laugh
Wedding ceremony rehearsal

After the ceremony it was time to eat again. Cooking for many more people

There was also help from fellow campers making a great peach cobbler in a dutch oven over open coals. 

As the sun went down and some of the immediate family had gone to town or back to their RV's there was time to relax and enjoy the fire 

The bride and groom the night before

Wedding day 

Guests gathering for the ceremony

Brian and Dick (father of the groom)

Carol (mom) and Brian

Ron (performing the ceremony) and his wife Lea
The alter is ready in a beautiful spot 

The alter boys are in place

Here comes the bride escorted by the faithful Rowan

Cutty- "Wait I thought I was walking you down the isle? "
Waiting for the bride

The ceremony and readings - the crowd has grown

The vows 

All done and time for wine and congratulations 

Carol and Ron

Cutting the wedding cheese cake! 

Vicky and I were thrilled to be asked to be the witnesses

Time for lots of food and merriment 

It could not have been a more beautiful afternoon and evening for the ceremony

A lovely ending to a perfect day for Brian and Susan

Sunday we were up early around 3:30 am to pack up and get on the road back toward St.Louis. It was not your typical hammock hang, but a fantastic time spent with friends celebrating a new chapter to their lives. 
Another beautiful sunrise as we drive east across South Dakota 

Wedding video coming soon 
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