Virginia AT Hike June 2007

Christine has a week off in the middle of her trail crew session at Konnarock. This time we did a 50 mile section of the AT near Roanoke. A very lovely section containing some great scenic views from places called McAfee Knob and Dragon's Tooth.

McAfee Knob- Incredible view if you can stand the height

Dragon's Tooth - was quite a scramble to climb, but the views are worth it

Life again in a shelter, This night our shelter mates snored the loudest I have ever heard

Taking time to appreciate the small beauty is one the great joys of being outside

The trail is lovely through the tall trees in the morning light

many fields in this section had ladders to climb to get over each fence

A shelter and a quiet fire....

Brings the wildlife to investigate....

Sometimes you don't know who is watching who

If you are really lucky you will see the Black Bear. This was my first sighting of a Black Bear in the wild. A very large mother and cub

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