H.F. Fall Hang- Pine Ridge Campsite, Ashland MO. Oct 18-20

Had a chance to get out for the weekend with some Hammock Forum members at Pine Ridge Campsite. this is a small very nice site located just south of Columbia MO, in Ashland, MO. The Campsite has 8 sites and a picnic area and is adjacent to a 21 mile loop trail open to hikers/bikers/horses called Cedar Creek Trail. Eric "Hoot" and Brian (Hairbear) along with Vicky were able to come out over the weekend and Brian and I managed to hike most of the trail on Saturday. We had some route finding issues as we discovered from some locals that no one has hiked or maintained the trail in years!

 choosing a campsite and setting up the hammocks

 Nice fire in the evening and relaxing in the hammock

Saturday we started the 21 mile hike- the weather was clear and chilly- perfect for walking

 A mixture of hardwood, softwood and prairie grass on this trail

Old Homestead along the way

A good amount of road walking on this trail to connect the various parts of the Mark Twain Forest in this area

 Cedar Creek bluffs

 I could put the house here next to the tree and look at the surrounding woods just beyond the pasture

 more road walking 

Back in camp after finishing most of the trail and relaxing before dinner

 Vicky and Brian's dog Bonnie

A lovely evening with a great fire 

I was time well spent in the woods and I will be back

Saturday night we went into Ashland for dinner. I can recommend Ashland APP (Pizza and Pub) really good pizza
Thanks Vicky, Brian, Eric, Bonnie-

Video of the hike and hang:

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