A Few Days Visiting Our Son

Vicky and I went to go see Taylor this past week in Cooperstown NY. Taylor moved there a little more than a year ago and while I helped him move there, Vicky had not visited his new home, and a mother needs to see where her son lives!
His Birthday was on the 11th, so we arranged to go visit from the 11th to the 15th.

Upon arriving we met Taylor and his friend Trevor in Oneonta, NY. This is the closest town to Cooperstown with normal services like a Walmart and Movie Theater, etc. We met them for Taylor's Birthday dinner at Brook's BBQ. This is an institution in the community and the BBQ is ok by NY standards! :-).

Taylor and Trevor work nights, so we didn't want to get them off their schedule, and neither did they, so Vicky and I knew we would only see them a few hours a day when they wake up and before they work. They did take an extra day off, but for the most part Vicky and I would have the mornings to ourselves.

Thursday morning Vicky and I took a drive and ended up first at Glimmerglass State Park. The park contains the oldest covered bridge in the entire United States. It dates from 1825 and is named the Hyde Hall Bridge

 They have a very nice beach area- it was all quiet on a Thursday morning and a bit breezy

The trees looked more colorful in person than can be seen here

 The main pavilion

The leaves on the trees are just starting to turn out east, maybe 2 weeks away from being at their peak. 

 Being a park we picked a trail and hiked the 3 miles around the loop. 

By the time we got done with the trail, the sun had come out and it was warm. The trail ended at Hyde House the original home on the land the park was created from. 

 The house is from 1834

Afterword we toured the downtown of Copperstown. It is about 3 blocks long!

But in the middle is the Baseball Hall of Fame and this made Vicky very excited

Vicky in front of the Hall 

Just down the street and behind the Hall of Fame is Doubleday Field. The hollowed ground of the stadium for more than 80 years and the site of the annual Hall of Fame classic

Vicky in the bleachers, I think she would happily sit there for a year waiting for the next Classic 

Doubleday Field 

Later that day when the boys got up, we went back to Oneonta to see the new movie Blade Runner 2049. Having so loved the original everyone wanted to see it on the big screen and it did not appoint being one of the most visually stunning movies I have ever seen. Highly recommended.

After the movie it was back to Cooperstown for dinner at Upstate Bar and Grille. It was a great place for dinner.
(Below Taylor and I)

Back to their place, any Vicky and I just couldn't help ourselves we had to clean up some of the bachelor mess. This is trash we just took just from the kitchen! On Saturday we would clean their bathroom as well, which required some gloves and masks! LOL

The next day we were pretty much on our own. Friday the boys were back on their work schedules so they get home between 6-8 am. Sleep until 4-5 pm and then they have their weekly gaming night at a local card shop. Then they play till late when they go to work again.  This meant Vicky and I had the day without them.
We got up in the morning and headed to the local bakery in town. Schneider's Bakery. Another institution but a tasty one with all kinds of pastries, donuts and sweets. 

We got a few yummy things 

Another walk to get in some exercise. this time down by the pier

It was a fantastic day 

We decided to head over to the Fly Creek Cider Mill. Another local brewer this time of a variety of popular ciders, both regular and hard. I had one the other night at Upstate. 

They make a very tasty Moonshine along with an Apple Vodka and Apple Gin. 

After just a taste of the moonshine I decided to keep it more traditional. I had a half-witte. Half cider and half Belgium Witte Beer.... very tasty

Lots of barn yard chickens roaming the grounds

Vicky found a comfortable BIG rocking chair to rest in.

We toured the Cider Press area

and of course the all year round Christmas Store

Outback they had a duck pond 

and the ugliest looking chicken I have ever seen!

After some rest, we went over again for dinner, this time to Bocco Osteria. A very upscale bistro actually right next to Upstate Bar and Grille. We were craving a pizza and this place was great. It was packed with people, but no one wanted to sit at the pizza bar, so we did so we could watch them make our dinner. (we were warned the stools were not very comfortable, and they weren't!)

I had a Ommegang Witte, which is the wheat beer, with out pizza. A Margarita with additional pepperoni and sausage. We also had a Blueberry Ravioli dessert that got eaten so fast we didn't take a picture.
BLUEBERRY RAVIOLIFried puff pastry with blueberries & white chocolate, served with a scoop of gelato.

So afterward, just down the street was Council Rock Brewery, so we stopped in for a sample (are you sensing a theme here?)
It was a flight of 5 for just $10! 

Saturday was our tour of the Hall of Fame. The boys would not be up and ready until about 2:30 so Vicky and I had one more brewery stop. After breakfast we headed to Ommegang, the largest and the most well known brewery in the area. 

We got there before they opened at 12 noon and went for a walk around their grounds. they evidently allow camping right on their property. This seems like a great idea to make a day of being at the brewery. 

 We wondered up behind the brewery. they have a huge amount of land.
At the back of the property they have two complete camping tents. Large canvas affairs with queen bed, toilet and wood stove. This would be a great place to reserve and a great view after a day spent at the wine tasting tables. 

Vicky was definitely enjoying herself 

Back to the brewery for the opening. While we were the first to arrive, by the time we came down for opening it was packed with people 

We signed up for the tasting and the brewery tour. Just $12 for both of us and you get to keep your tasting glass.

outside (above) and inside (below) the brew house

We got to try 6 of their beers and all were delicious from an ale to sour to dark. My favorite of course was the Lovely Dark and Deep (LDD) below. Vicky's favorite was their original Abbey Ale, the first beer brewed at Ommegang. 

Then it was finally time for Vicky to tour the Hall of Fame. We took our time to make sure she got to see and stop and take a picture with all her favorites.
(Vicky with Stan Musial's inductee plaque)

St.Louis Cardinal locker 

Afterward we went down to the pier again, this time for at the Lake Front Restaurant.

The next day after breakfast in town, Vicky and I were off back home. It was a great visit with Taylor and we are looking forward to seeing him again in November when he comes home for Thanksgiving. 

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