Fantasy Canyon, Utah- August 2004

This is one of the greatest adventures I have ever been on, an it all started with coming across this Fatali photograph in his gallery in Springdale Utah, just outside Zion National Park. Mr.Fatali claims no digital tricks or filters in his photography, but having a degree in Astrophysics, the apparent phase of the moon and its position in the sky from the sun had me questioning if this photo was real. Not to mention this is one of the most unique rock formations I have ever seen. When we inquired about the picture and its location we were told that it was a secret known only to the artist and was very hard to get too.... Well that is all it took, the search was on!

Obviously we found it! It is not my place to say whether the Fatali photo is real, but the picture above and below are being illuminated by the setting sun (sun in the west) The moon phase is consistant with a very late waning crescent moon, (moon in the western sky), but with such a small sliver of moon illuminated, the moon would be near "new" and only a few degrees from the sun. It is obviously much further in the photo above.
Whether the photo is truly real or not, it doesn't take away from the stunning beauty of this or any of the other Fatali photographs.

This place turned out to be one of the wierdest areas you could imagine. Everything about this area seemed from another world. From the erie rock formations to the weather

The rocks take on shapes.. that are easily recognized
"snapping turtle" or "moose"
"witch on a broom"
"boxing bear"
The area seemed to welcome us and want to show us all its secret colors in one day
We could not have felt further away from the "real world" and any happier
This adventure was completely planned by Christine's hard work in tracking down this location!

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