Lava Falls Trail- February 2007

Day 1 Lava Falls
We had decided to try the Lava Falls trail one more time. This trail is really just a break in the lava field at Toroweep. Toroweep is the highest unprotected (no fence) point along the Grand Canyon. The 'trail' falls 3500 feet to the Colorado River in 1.5 miles. We have attempted to hike this trail 3 previous times since 1999, but for various circumstances have not succeeded (sounds like some drama.... well there is)

We arrived late at night to the turn off. It is still 60 miles on unimproved roads to reach Toroweep, once off the highway. We spent a very cold night in our rental vehicle.

Gravity really takes care of the way down....

You finish just short of the very large Lava Falls rapids on the Colorado River

Its going back up that is the challenge...

But this time we made it....

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