BWSTL- Klondike Park 5.21.11

It turned out to be a really nice day, but it didn't start that way with the threat of more rain. The walk this week was just the 3 mile Klondike Park trail. It was almost 10 am and only 1 person had showed up in the parking lot. We assumed the day had been cancelled because of the threat of bad weather.

Nice conference center in the park ( above)
We decided to go, just the 3 of us. Vicky, myself and Backwooder Greg. When we walked to the trail head it was blocked off and had a sign that said closed "due to storm damage"
The overlook at the top gave a great view of the very high Missouri River and the power plant at Labadie MO.

We decided to walk to the other end of the park and try the other side of the trail.
This park has spent a lot of time making bird sanctuary areas
Today was the day of the snake. We saw this guy early ( just a common Garter Snake) but we also saw a Bull snake and a very small Black snake today.
We later did met up with Kristin and the other Backwoods group. They had gone to the other end of the trail head and started from there. We only did about a 1.5 miles when we met up and they had pictures of a Copperhead that they had seen.
 The wildflowers were very pretty in spots

Nice view of the river valley farm land
 This is also a bike trail with some really cool ramps and jumps
steep jump off for the bikes (below)

 The old sandstone quarry has been made into a nice lake
Vicky and Craig

A nice easy, albeit muddy, walk. Klondike has tent camping, a lake for fishing and even supplies a nice communal kitchen area.
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