BWSTL- Hawn State Park 11.6.11

This is the hike everyone has been waiting for all season. The longer 6 mile hike at Hawn. Hawn State Park is about 2 hrs south of St.Louis down Hwy 55 and along with the Taum Sauk area, shows Missouri at its most beautiful. This trail can be a little more rugged than the usual day hike the group takes and it didn't disappoint in a few places.
The day started out chilly and foggy. the trip down from St.Louis was 100 miles of dense fog.

 The goal for today is just the Whispering Pines North Trail 6 miles

The sun was out early because our BWSTL leader the "god of weather" Rick Haley, below, had commanded another superb day for hiking. Temps were suppose to rise into the 60's by lunch time.

 Pickle Creek was clear and cold, it runs through a majority of the Park

The shadows stayed long in the morning from the low sun, but the sky was clear to start the hike

 Hawn has some great geological formations both on the hill sides and in the creeks
 Stopped for a break and a snack on the trail
 This looks like some turkey fungus, but covered with a green moss

The light played through the trees and brush all day

Lunch break at the highest point on the trail- a well deserved rest
 Missouri in all her colored glory
 and views forever
 A green carpet of moss under the trees

Getting a peak through the trees to the color beyond
 just as you come to what you think is the end of the hike you start back up the bluff for another mile, but great views down the stone cliffs

The shadows were already long the opposite direction when we finished.

Hawn State Park:
Whispering Pines North Loop 6 miles:  3 hrs 50 min.- high temp 60 degrees.
Walking stick, heard Tree Frog, many boy scouts.
Gas station at Hwy 55 and Hwy 32 makes great breakfast sandwiches
I carried a full overnight pack 13 pounds total in anticipation of going back to a campsite with at least a few people that wanted to camp out, but there were no takers. The park was very crowded so I decided to head home and I strung the hammock up in the backyard with Vicky in the tent next to me. It was a nice night out.
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