Hammock Forums Missouri Hang #5 Taum Sauk Trail Hike May 3-5, 2013- Day 3

Day 3

The day with the least chance of rain was not to be. We woke up early and did get a chance to pack up all our gear before the rain started and would last all day. This day was another challenging hike of 12 miles with the most elevation gain up to Mina Sauk Falls and then on to Taum Sauk Mountain proper.

The day started out much like the first. Not as much rain, but cold and wet.

The terrain over Proffit Mountain was very rocky and rough. You had to watch every step to keep from slipping on a wet rock or turning an ankle or knee.

The top of Proffit Mountain (below) reminded me of Thunderhead Mountain the Smokies- it actually started to snow on us for a few minutes today!

 The Park was trying to keep wild hogs out of a new growth patch with an electric fence on top of the mountain.
and no matter how far in the woods you get, there is civilization- power lines cutting right through the wilderness and across the trail- Giants in the fog!

The rain didn't stop all day, but the afternoon brought some nicer scenery and of course more water.

the small was as pretty as the large

and more water

Devils Tollgate (above) is a famous feature of the Ozark Trail- Two large pieces of Granite spaced close together along the trail.

Mina Sauk Falls had more water than I have ever seen or heard about before. It was quite a sight.

Celebrations by all at the highest point in Missouri, Taum Sauk Mountain 1772', and a finish that was well deserved and earned by all
Gideon- His two longest trail days ever and his longest single outing to date. Also his last hike in Missouri before moving to a new job in Ohio

Disco- Organizer of the hike and he had just hiked the same section a month previous- a mad man!

Spiffyguy- The smile never faded regardless of the conditions.

the Group along with Digitizer101 (center), who was the jackrabbit of the day, finishing 90 minutes ahead of us all, but was great to wait for us at the end.

12 miles in 6 hours.

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