Pack weights and the TGO Challenge- 2 weeks to go

I really don't like the discussion of pack weight. I pay attention to it because I am old and don't want to carry the extra weight, but when you get to the parking lot, what you have is what you have, but I did want to post a list and I will perhaps discuss more of what is in the pack here later

Base weight 13.23 and skin out weight  16.43 pounds for 14 days
You can save this chart into an word or excel document to magnify

 my gear alone
 Vicky (left below) and my gear together
Vicky is at 13 pounds skin out.


  1. What a great list!
    I think you're going to need substantially bigger pegs to stop that Duomid blowing away, Craig. Scotland has very loose peaty soils.
    I don't see any fleece midlayer in there? I wouldn't wear a down jacket under my waterproof when it pisses down in Scotland all day - it would get totally trashed. When it pees down the temperatures can be close to freezing with a massive wind chill on top.

  2. Sorry - just ticked the "notify me' box so I can retrieve follow up comments.

  3. Alan,
    You are right on both counts. I was on my way to get the 8” pegs this week, seems like a sensible weight penalty to keep the tent in the ground. 
    I do have fleece laid out for both of us and in the wet weather I prefer a fleece layer, but just haven’t justified putting it in yet… sounds like you might have made the decision for us.
    Thanks- Craig


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