RV weekend at Onondaga State Park

I had just finished hiking the Ozark Trail section that began at Onondaga State Park, but Vicky and I planned to go this weekend to spend the time in the campground in our new RV. This was going to be the first real outing for the us and the RV.
We had both been to the park many years ago with the kids to do the tour of Onondaga Cave and see the bats. This is a very well known cave complex in the State.

 We had never been in the campground before and it was a beautiful campground. It is quite large and laid out really well. I had picked a site about half way in and next to a common area with lots of trees. We were well shaded from the heat of the sun the entire time. The temperature did get back into the 80's again this weekend.

All the nights were super clear and the stars were out along with seeing the Milky Way easily from here.
 We walked the mile or so of the campground loop many times this weekend, looking at everyone's set up and just using the walk as exercise as with most RV trips it is just relaxing and eating so we had to walk a lot!
The new RV is a Rockwood Minilite 2503S

Saturday we took the easy trail over to the visitors center to get our State Park Passport stamped. Vicky and I are going to try and RV in every state park in Missouri (There are 52) 

 The trail winds along the spring and picnic pavilion

The spring 
 The park is finally getting serious about the growing population of Black Bears in Missouri
( I love that the bears have returned!)

More trips around the campground and many of the weekenders had decorated their sites for Halloween and there was a pumpkin carving contest in the campground

One of the funniest displays in the campground. Everyday the bear got more outrageous in his appearance. 
Good campfire at night kept the chill away and made for a good time to sit outside and listen to some music.

I would show you the filet and bake potatoes cooked in the fire pit, followed by cheesecake... but there just wasn't anything left on my plate 

The flowers were very pretty all over the campsite this weekend- enjoy the pictures below.

Thanks for coming along. 

Onondaga Cave State Park
80 miles southwest of St.Louis
5 miles southeast of Leasburg, MO. off Highway 44. Exit 214.


  1. This looks like you had a great time! The campground sure is a nice set-up. I think you all could do 52 camp sites without any problem. With the sound of that food, you all will sure have to walk off many calories.lol Keep the pictures coming, because we really enjoy seeing and hearing about your new adventures in the camper. Love you both

  2. Fun adventure for your maiden voyage!

  3. I hope you liked the new adventure. It's not everyday that you get to see beautiful sights like the ones you saw at the campground. I gotta be honest, the park looks lovely. I hope tackling the road with your RV helped you make new friends along the way. All the best! :)

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV Center


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