Eagle Days Clarksville, MO. January 30, 2016

No hockey games to officiate on a Sunday and no babysitting to do, Vicky and I headed off up the Mississippi River road of Hwy 79 toward Clarksville, MO and Eagle Days. Every winter the area makes a big deal about the Eagles coming south from Canada to roost for the winter near the St.Louis area and to be fair it is a big deal as seeing the huge birds, our national symbol is very impressive.

Clarksville is just a small town  Population 442. "Touching the Mississippi" is their motto and they are right, It seems every year the riverfront area is flooded from the rising water and some of the shops still had sandbags along their fronts.

The architecture is quaint but the people are very friendly

The temperatures have been really good lately and today was no exception. Last day of January and the temperature was 60 F (15C) 

The Eagles are drawn to this area for great cover for nesting along the river 
 but also Lock and Dam #24 is here and I think the gates churn up the fish and make it easier for the eagles to hunt on the river for fish.

Vicky was channeling her inner eagle down by the riverfront 

 Like most small towns during busy weekends the VFW hall was doing BBQ and we took advantage of the simple home cooked style, Pork Steaks, Hamburgers and Hotdogs with lots of homemade sides and homemade pies! 

 On the way along the River Road we pulled over to watch as a few icebergs where still floating down the river 

Nice day to be out

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  1. Looks like you all had a really nice day of it! Those eagles are sooo beautiful and regal. As usual, enjoyed your pictures and your narrative.


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