Robertsville State Park RV Weekend July 15-17 2016

Vicky and I didn't make any plans for the weekend but found since we didn't have grandbaby sitting or any hockey games to officiate we would get out of town.  Robertsville is a State Park we have not been too ( I road my motorcycle to it once) and it is very close to our house, less than an hour.

It is a very pretty park and while it has been really hot around St.Louis this month it was much cooler in the trees.

The park is not large but all the RV sites are spaced very well and no one has the feeling you are on top of each other and the tree cover really helps make it feel secluded

 Pretty sunset 

Our fist snake encounter of the season- a small garter snake

Robertsville just completed (this past week) a new hiking trail in the park. It is called Lost Hill and is not on any park map yet. We decided Saturday morning to get up and walk the loop and explore what it looked like.
It is a nicely done trail - easy to follow. It dips down to the Calvey creek bed and then up in the heart of the park

Being the first on trails always has some draw back and double so in the early morning as you are usually the first to eat all the spider webs of the night before 

As you can image it is very well marked with some great personal touches from the trail crew

some very cool small items to notice as well 

Here is the complete new loop. I mapped it on google earth 

 Later it was just hanging out and relaxing playing some board games and watching a few movies

After dinner we were joined by a acrobatic squirrel that was eating some dinner upside down. 

 Good to get away and thanks to Monica for driving out and spending the afternoon chatting in the woods.


  1. Looks like a great get-away and really close so your drive is an easy one. Glad you had a great time, and, as usual, Dad and I really enjoyed the pictures and the narrative.

  2. ...we need a motorhome...


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