First Visit to Canada for Work August 2016

Having accepted the new position at work of Director of Residential Sales for the Central Region (which is the whole middle of the US and all of Canada), I needed to go and visit all the sales guys now under my charge. In addition my sales person in Eastern Canada decided to take another position so I needed to fly there at the last minute and discuss his departure and collect information about current sales information in his territory.

Total Trip

My trip started with a flight to Vancouver via Denver. the flight was good and it was interesting to see all the different geology from the air
Colorado/ Idaho 

Southeastern Oregon 

 Mt Rainier above the clouds- Washington

Ferry view off Vancouver Island 

 Vancouver has many great ethnic restaurants and bars. I stayed downtown in the center of all of it, just in case I got a chance to explore

BIN 941 Tapas Restaurant 

 The harbor area.

 I took a water taxi (below) across to Vanier Park. View back toward Vancouver from the Park. (above) 
 The city center from Vanier Park 
 I walk the length of Vanier Park to Granville Island 
 Granville Island (with a road connecting it to the main land) 
is the restaurant and eclectic shopping hub of Vancouver

Downtown from Granville Island 

 Granville Island Public Market

 Dinner at Grandview Island Brewery 
 Fresh Fish and Chips (well Salad! )
Water Taxi back to Downtown after

 Leaving Vancouver early I had to fly to Hamilton, ON., for my meeting on Saturday but that had to go through Calgary!

Sunday morning it was off from Hamilton to Montreal 
 Then Montreal to NYC LaGuardia Airport
 Then finally from NYC to Home 

 My view for most of Sunday 

Recommended Restaurants:

Bin 941 tapas- Vancouver

Granville Island Public Market- Vancouver
Granville Island Brewery- Vancouver
The Mule - Hamilton, Ontario

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  1. We thought Canada was really great! You explored more than we did while we were with the insurance company planned trip. However, we did explore Vancouver some while only there overnight waiting for our cruise to Alaska. Hope you get a chance to see Quebec City and Montreal on one of your trips.


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