Day Hike St Joe State Park Nov 26, '16

My work travel schedule has just been ridiculous and having done Thanksgiving dinner a week early when all the family was available I was feeling both under the weather and also not really knowing what to do this Holiday weekend. Fortunately Corey was participating the in "Opt Out" tradition of not participating in Black Friday shopping and getting out instead to the woods.
He invited me to join him for a hike in St.Joe State Park. I have actually never been to St.Joe State Park, so I was happy to join  him on the Pine Ridge Trail at 13.5 miles loop.

The loop is primarily an equestrian trail so it was muddy and torn up in spots, but a new trail to try none the less 
I arrived at 8 am. Corey had spent the night in the park in his hammock as he had hiked a trail in the St. Francios State Park about 15 miles away the day before. The temperature when I arrived was 25 degrees (-4 C)

The trail having been made for horses was a bit of a boulevard in spots

It crossed a few small creeks 

It had one big down then up. 

 The trail didn't have any views and in the end it was just a good walk in the woods. 13.5 miles in a little under 5 hours. it remained foggy and cool for most of the day until the very end. But this again the sun always shines on Guiness and a great way to celebrate the end of a morning of hiking.

 Afterward it was just 4 miles from the park to Spokes Pub and Grille in Farmington, Missouri for giant burgers and a few craft beers to reward ourselves for a good mornings walk 

Thanks Cory for inviting me along

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  1. It was nice to get out for a walk! Cheaper than shopping, too!


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