RV Weekend Ozark Outdoors Oct 28-30 2016

We had planned to meet another couple, a friend of Vicky's who works at the hospital and her husband, this weekend for a Halloween RV weekend at Ozark Outdoors,  This is an RV river resort that is very popular during the summer but is pretty low key in the off season. We choose a site here as right down the road is Onondaga Cave state park and they were full because of their annual Halloween weekend where everyone decorates their RV's and sites and the kids to trick or treating to every site.  So at the last minute  Vicky's friends cancelled thinking the weather might be too cold, however it turned out to be in the 80's all weekend. A perfect weekend for being out.

We got away in the early afternoon after Vicky got off work. We knew we were going to be by ourselves but we had booked in at the "Buddy" sites. These are sites that are reversed so they face each other so you can share the same fire pit.

the resort with our site located with the white arrow

getting set up 
 Great Friday night sunset

we had plenty of wood for a fire each night
 Colors on some of the trees were still good

but most were just past prime color
 more colors around the site

The clouds both during the day and at night were very pretty
 Visited by a strange new fi

discovered a new beer this weekend. A Creme Ale from Piney River
Crankbait Cream Ale
 more sunset clouds

The "big picture" RV, cooking the steaks on the grille, Vicky relaxing and a good fire.

Perfect morning. We walked the 6 mile round trip down to Onondaga State Park and looked at all the RV sites decorated for Halloween.

Wide view of our complete campsite

A lovely weekend to be outside

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  1. I really want to make one of these trips with you guys! It all looks sooo relaxing and that's exactly what Dad and I need! Glad the weather was good for you all---camp site and the whole area looks really pretty for this time of year. See you next week---can't wait! Love you both


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