RV Weekend, Father's Day '17 Bass Resort, Missouri

Took my mom and dad out in the RV for Father's day weekend. I don't think anyone else but me had been to Bass Resort so we headed down. We thought my daughter and grandkids might come as well for Saturday night, but they had other plans at Grant's Farm.
Got down on Friday night and set up.

Once set up this became the normal routine for the weekend. Lots of sitting and resting

Bass resort is a huge complex for camping and RV's. It is used mostly by people floating the Courtois River, (pronounced CODE-A-WAY), which flows right through the property. But I choose a spot in the family section at the back that looks away to a near by farm field. I like this view.
The ridge line in the distance is the Ozark Trail, which also runs right through the resort here.
We stealth camped here a few years ago on one of our hikes of the Ozark Trail - here

The deep evening sky Friday night was very nice. Although it did storm overnight

 Saturday Vicky and I went for our usual walk around the RV park and we set Dad up fishing and Mom went along to read her book

The resort also offers horseback rides and they come right next to the field on their loop around the woods. 

A lot of time was spent watching the cows move back and forth in the field in front of us- yes it was that kind of weekend. The weather was rather miserable with it being hot and humid in the day and storming at night

 Saturday evening relaxing (from what I am not sure) and waiting for dusk to light the fire

Campfire tradition

It stormed heavily on Saturday night as well and gave some of the tenters a real experience, but we were nice and cozy in the RV. Below my Mom and Vicky earn their breakfast by moving a picnic table out of the way so I can turn the RV around to head home.

We didn't float or get in the water as Vicky was still recovering from surgery, but it was a very nice relaxing weekend, before heading home for Father's Day Sunday
our RV spot is marked with the red circle below

Happy Father's Day Dad


  1. I laughed out loud....not sure what you were relaxing from :-) Sounds like a lot of good memories were made! Happy Father's day!

  2. Great pictures and a wonderful weekend for Dad and me! We are looking forward to a few more if you will have us!


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