RV Weekend Blue Springs Campground Lees Summit, MO. June 30-July 2 '17

It was time to make the annual trip to KC for our niece's daughters (Isabella) birthday party. It is a fun weekend as the RV park is literally across the street from their house, so we go to the RV park and stay and then join the festivities and can have somewhere to come back to in the evenings.

This year they had it at a local fountain park and the kids loved it. The weather has been unusually nice in Missouri the past few weeks and this weekend was no exception. Warm to hot for sure during the days but much cooler at night and for some reason the bugs have not arrived yet. I am sure we will pay for this in August but for now the weather could not have been better for their party

 The fountain park had a bunch of really cool water features for the kids and it was all free being a neighborhood park

 The highlight of course is the giant bucket that fills up over time and then spills out drenching everyone underneath

There was donuts and presents and everyone seemed to have a good time 

 Even the newest participants loved the water and cooler temperatures

Back at the RV on Saturday night we sat around a quick but nice fire and had a relaxing time

 Sunday morning we all went to downtown KC at the Farmer's market. Farmer's Market all over come alive on the weekends and this was no exception especially being Independence Day weekend.

It was planned to take the city trolley to a high end grocery store in Power and Light district and then take the food to eat up on top of the 6th floor of that building that had an old train car that you can eat your food like a picnic. 

Ian (in the orange shirt) loves trains and just screams in delight anytime he is around a train or trolley.

After getting our lunch, up top to the train 

 Everyone enjoying lunch in the train car

train car from across the roof top 

The roof top field was filled with flowers and an unexpected oasis in the middle of the tall city buildings 

Caleb is the aspiring photographer and like to take Grandpa Bruce camera and shot his own pictures.

It was a very nice weekend for our 4th weekend in a row out in the RV. Now time for a bit of a break until later in July when we will be out again.

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