Walking with the girls at Lone Elk Park Aug 1, 2017

Today we were babysitting Cali and Alyssa. Vicky and I decided to get them out of the house and go for an adventure, so off we went to Lone Elk park to see if we could see some Elk and Bison and some other animals. We did and had a great time

The Elk were across the lake and too far away for a really good picture, but we did see the bison, not quite up close, but it was easy to see them through the trees

There was a bunch of wild turkey roaming around 

The deer were unconcerned about our car driving by

Cali leading down the trail 


Ready, Set 


more unafraid deer

lots of geese 

Here they go! 

It was a fun albeit hot day, and it had plenty of biting bugs, not on the girls, as we sprayed them down with bug spray, but Vicky and I got bit up pretty good....
We look forward to having the girls whenever we can.

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  1. Fun adventure! Girls look like they're having a good time!


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