New Years Day Motorbike Ride- January 2009

Yes, I have a motorcycle. I had been getting offers to come ride with my dealer friends for quite some time in South Dakota and Minnesota. I had thought that I would finally learn how to ride, so I took the MSF riders course and got my license. But I thought in order to practice I really need a bike!.... sounds like mid-life crisis to me... ;-)

Well I have been riding for a couple of months around the backroads near my house, but since today was January 1, 2009, I decided to start my quest to ride my bike to every state park in Missouri.

Today was a beautiful, but cold day, 28 degrees. I rode to Washington State Park (90 miles) and enjoyed the view. The roads had some nice twists and turns along the way

The Bike, an '04 Suzuki DL-1000 "V-Strom" looks great in front of the view

There was a nice pavilion to rest and a very lovely view, I was the only person in the park!

On the way back I bagged Babler State Park as well (20 miles from my house)
180 miles round trip- nice day

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