Snow Shoe'in in the Great White North- January 2009

With just a few days to get away and all ready in Minnesota, it seemed only natural to go north and check out some of the great winter time areas of Northern Minnesota. I found an out of the way cabin in the North Woods near Grand Marais Minnesota. I have never seen so much snow!

The accommodations were a single room cabin, no electricity, no running water, no indoor plumbing, no phone, no internet and just a pot belly stove for heat.

It was very cold heading for the outhouse at night with temps at -10 degrees
Bring in the bags on a sled
Beautiful Lake Superior and the frozen harbor of Grand Marais

The days would start with snow until 12:30 pm and then the clouds would part and the sun would shine.

If you wanted to heat the cabin then there was wood to chop.

The snow shoeing was done on the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT). We were the first to hike on the trail this season as we broke trail for 7 or 8 miles on the trail (15-16 miles round trip)

The trails were narrow through the trees and spectacular with the snow clinging to the trees

The mornings were beautiful

But the evenings were even more spectacular!

The nights had millions of stars and the Milky Way was very prominent.

Spending time on the trail was the main event

The masked participants enjoying the weather... -5 but having fun

buried waist deep in the drifts of snow

Had to cross a frozen lake with beautiful views

Right out in front of our cabin a bird feeder where we watched birds and squirrels getting something to eat in the cold

summing up the weekend in the North Woods

Recommended Restaurants in the Grand Marais area:

  • Gunflint Tavern
  • Crooked Spoon
  • The Landing Restaurant at Devils Track Lodge
Drink of the weekend:
  • StrongBow Hard Cider (Britian)

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