Cuivre River State Park by Motorbike- February 2009

President's Day-
It was a extraordinarily cold day, but clear and beautiful. I had thought I would just go up the road 22 miles each way and knock off Cuivre River State Park. I have hiked every trail in this park and it is lovely. It turns out I made it a 150 miles loop going through the park and then down to the Missouri River Rd (Hwy 79) and then back into St.Louis.

There are some great twisties in the Park and then along KK to W to JJ to 79.
There was absolutely no one in the park today. I didn't see another car or person and I only saw a few cars on any of the roads until I got back closer to St.Louis.
Wildlife sightings today:
Horned owl taking a rabbit in a farm field- Very exciting. It landed right next to the road and I motored slowly by and made eye contact with the Owl as it guarded its prize
Bald Eagle
Two large Hawks

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