4 State Parks by Motorbike- June 2009

Saturday June 27th-
Up and out the door by 6:30 am, while it is at least under 80 degrees! There was a tremendous halo around the sun. I was off to try and do 4 State Parks and also visit my brother at his work in DeSoto, MO.

Park #1 both in terms of arrival and quality.
Hawn State Park

Whether it is the parking lot or the trail, this is the most beautiful State Park in Missouri. I have hiked here many times. I still have a speed record here of doing the 11 miles of trail in 2 hours and 30 minutes. ( I think Christine did it in 2 hours and 15 minutes )
Park #2, I had never been to before. St.Joe State Park in Leadington.

Park #3, I have been too many times. St Francios State Park on the St.Francis River. Great river access and very shady. So far I am beating the heat.

Park #4 after visiting my brother in DeSoto, is Route 66 State Park. This park used to be the City of Times Beach, Missouri. This was the biggest Dioxin clean up in US history and a superfund site for more than a decade.
Now it is a beautiful park with hiking, rollerblading and bicycling trails.
A narrow one lane bridge takes you over the Meramac River into the Park.

246 miles in 4 hrs 34 minutes of driving time.
not a bad mornings ride.... I can't even imagine what the first day of my big Canadian adventure has in store for me, in August, 611 miles from Rapid City, SD to Helena, MT.

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