Part 12- Conclusion- The Great Canadian Motorcycle Adventure- Aug 2009

After Thoughts-
It has been said that expectation always exceeds reality. If that is the case then this trip was the expection to that rule. 3000 miles in control of a motorcycle a year ago I didn't know how to ride, Scenary I experienced in a way I could never imagine from a car. The elements; the cold, the heat, the wind and rain all as big a part of your experience as the scenary and the people. Me and the bike having to act as one, not for a trip down the street, but for hour after hour on challenging roads, till at the end you act without thinking, the bike becomes an extension of you. It was a nightmare that became a sweet dream and I enjoyed every minute of it. I can see the appeal of riding alone, no one other than yourself to worry about and no time table to meet, but in the end I prefer to ride in a group, and this trip could not have been possible without the indulgence of my new friends, whom I am sure got quite tired of some of my endless riding questions. Thank you to Marty and Kelly, Viktor and Leslie, Mark and Ann, Kelli and Brian and especially Barry and Saundra for allowing a rice burner to be part of your group.

This trip had so many other wonderful parts, but people are always more important, so, thank you to Van and Peg, Barry's brother Jim and his wife for such great hospitality.

Below is my usual recommended trip list
Recommended Restaurants:
Lambkins, Lincoln, MT- good breakfast
Little Big Men, Laurel MT- great burgers
Holland Lake Lodge, MT- Boosenberry Soda, a must have!
Mosses's Saloon, Kalispel, MT- recommended by Daddy- good pizza
Johnston Canyon Resort Restaurant, BC
Walter's Restaurant, inside Sawridge Inn, Jasper, AB
Melissa's Steakhouse, Banff, BC- for breakfast
Glacier Saloon, Fairmont Hotel, Lake Louise- Large Beers!
Kaslo Hotel and Brew Pub, Kaslo, BC
Kicking Horse Saloon, Libby, MT
Helena Country Club, Helena, MT.
Recommended Hotels:
Holland Lake Lodge, MT
Johnston Canyon Resort, BC
Deer Lodge, Lake Louise, BC
Non Recommended List:
I can not recommend the following:
Fairfield Inn- Helena, MT
Moonlight Restaurant, Helena, MT

Riding a motorcycle is a full time commitment, both in terms of focus and mantainence. I have been reminded too many times that all my activities seem to be directed toward one person (me) this has not been my intention, I think I just gravite to things that are hard for relaxation... hiking long distances, motorcycle riding, etc. While I think I have become very good at riding a bike, it is not my passion and all I think about, so in fairness to everyone, it has to go.

So it only took 48 hours on e-bay and the bike is gone. So to Neil Peart, Ewan McGregor, Charlie Boorman, my inspirations, and too Vicky, who struggles with the biggest child of all at home, the adventure concludes with no regrets and only the best memories, thank you......   what's next!

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