Part 9- Nelson, BC to Missoula, MT (USA)

Day 9
Today is a monster day in terms of mileage. Scheduled for around 300 miles to do, including returning to the US.
Packing up and getting ready to go after breakfast from the Hume Hotel in Nelson.

84 miles later, queuing up at the border in Porthill, ID. Glad to be back in the USA.

A few miles in Idaho, another state I had not been to previously, and a great scenic stop in Montana, Kootenai Falls.

Saundra, Barry and Kelli. The Shaws enjoying Kootenai Falls.

Pulled into Libby, MT for Lunch, but nowhere caught our eye. Asked a biker and 30 miles later, the Kickin Horse Saloon and Eatery. Great burgers, all run by one women today!

Big scenary day. We headed from Libby back into and out of Kalispel, MT and then around Flathead Lake for the rest of the day. Flathead lake is HUGE and starts just outside of Kalispel and doesn't end until Polson. We were supposed to stop at Polson for the night, but the hotel was not what we were expecting and the road conditions from Polson to Missoula were suppose to be appalling. So the decision was made to go the extra 60 miles from Polson to Missoula tonight. A quick call to the Marriott hotline and we were set for rooms at the Marriott Courtyard in Missoula.

 The roads were a disaster from Polson to Missoula, in fact their was no road at all. Both directions were torn up and it was like driving an off road course most of the way. But it was a lovely night when we arrived in Missoula and all was forgotten

We dined at the Montana Club, right across the parking lot from the Courtyard. A few problems with the orders and a very low quality fish and chips for myself, but the did have Bosenberry soda.
365 miles!

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