Part 6 Jasper AB to Lake Louise AB

Day 6
Has us backtracking the previous day. Now going from Jasper back to Lake Louise. This time going South on Canada 93. The day started with red dawn and some early clouds but no rain appeared. We were scheduled to leave early today, but the lone washer and especially the dryer in the hotel were not cooperating for the gang.
We did have some brief excitement at a breakfast right next to the hotel. Marty got an eyeful of a women dressing in front of her hotel window and every time Mark tried to turn around she disappeared.

early clouds in Jasper, but no rain

Sight seeing for Barry Shaw means lots of Beer stops and waterfalls. The first few stops today were some spectacular waterfalls, and a little bit of gravel. We were betting on the odds of a kayaker surviving any of them!

After the falls, going south on 93 was a very different experience. The dominate feature for today was the Columbia Icefields.

Columbia Glacier (above) Beer and rest stop. Hoping Viktor and Leslie made it to Calgary for the new tire and that they will meet us later at Lake Louise

Several places to do some good riding on 93 as there are several nice sweeps right and left. (below) Crazy drivers in Canada. We were moving at 10-15 kph over the speed limit and we were still getting passed like we were standing still. Some very bad passes and some close calls today.
The wildflowers were every where around Peyto (pron: PEE-to ) Lake

Peyto Lake is the first lake coming off a glacier that feeds several lakes all down the Jasper/Banff National Park system (click for a larger view)

The glacier at the top of Peyto Lake

I am very happy to be here

The scenary just keeps getting better and better

We arrive at Lake Louise and our destination for today. Deer Lodge 228 miles today

After a quick shower it is over to the famous lodge at Lake Louise, below (minimum $800 per night)
However we did eat at the Glacier Saloon, after a little bit of a brush off by the hostess for which I thought Saundra was going to waste her!
The burger was excellent and the Guinness came in a unbelievable 48 ounce mug

Lake Louise in the evening (wait till you see what it looks like in the morning!)
finally to bed Room 301 Western Wood Lily room. Great ride, great friends, great food, great view, comfortable bed. Life is good

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