Part 8- Revelstoke to Nelson, BC

Day 8
This is usually the time in a trip when you have started back for home that the days can become long and you don't get the same kind of enjoyment you did when the trip was new. Not so, with this trip. In fact, this was the best riding day of the trip. Out of Revelstoke on Hwy 23 to the ferry across Arrow Lake, then down 31 to Kaslo and then Hwy 3A along Kootenay Lake the entire afternoon to Nelson. The road was twisting and turning the whole way. 181 miles.

The day started with a tour of the Train Museum at Revelstoke. Many engines and cars on display along with some memorabilia from various eras of train travel.

Group photo along the way (above)
After some nice riding in the morning, after another late start! hehe. Our first event of the day was a ferry across Arrow Lake. The ferry only leaves every hour and we were told that if you didn't hit it just right you could wait along time because big trucks would back up. Saundra leading the way had us right at the ferry exactly on time and we zipped on board.

Group photo on board the Ferry (above)
The bikes all lined up along side the big 18 wheel trucks (below)

The view from the Ferry crossing was fantastic. It took about 20 minutes to cross the lake from Hwy 23 to Hwy 31. The Ferry crossing is free

we stopped for a beer break in a town called Kaslo and the Kaslo Hotel and Brew Pub. It is located on Kootnay Lake.
When asking for a beer alternative here, make sure you ask if the cider is non-alcoholic. The cider was definitely HARD and at what felt like 10% gave me a good buzz. Even a considerable amount of appetizers didn't have the effects completely worn off by the time I got back on the bike.

Kaslo is were I also got my first "biker" compliment. As I walked outside to grab something out of my tank bag, I passed a mother and 2 small girls. One of the girls asked her mother as I passed. "mommy, are those the bad people?"  hehe... you bet your ass!
After Kaslo, a brief stop at a mining "ghost" town and some scary gravel road and we are off to Nelson

Arriving at the Hume Hotel in Nelson, BC. No Parking - except for bikers and who is going to stop us. ;-)

The Hume Hotel, very historic, which means that none of the floors in the entire hotel are level. The bathroom in my room, was like a fun house of angles... and NO air-conditioning... Barry!
The night was spent at one of the bars in the Hume Hotel. Many drinks, good food, and lots of pool.

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