Part 3 Helena MT to Kalispell MT

Day 3
Helena, MT to Kalispell, MT. Day 3 has our first real ride of the trip. After a well deserved day off and great fun at Van and Peg's in Helena, we hit the road. The weather started out cooperating, but it was a different story later on!

The first great scenary comes as we take 279 out of Helena and top out at Flesher Pass. You can see a long way!

The pack stops to stretch and take photos

Saundra and Barry and Brian and Kelli (Kelli is Saundra and Barry's daughter and is following behind us on this trip in her car and acting as support vehicle and Brian is her husband)

Marty, Victor and Leslie and Kelly with her back to the camera.

Brunch stop in Lincoln, MT. the famous Lambkins of Lincoln.

the gang has a combination of Breakfast and Lunch. I have a Rue-n. that is a Rueben with out the sauerkraut.

Beer stop is Holland Lake Lodge. A fantastic lodge with great views of the surrounding hills and my first glimps of Glacier National Park

Barry hold court at the stone fireplace, pontificating about this and that.
Mark watches and smiles and our fury friend waits to pounce! I had a huckleberry soda.. it was delicious.

The entire gang. Photo by Kelli Shaw

Holland lake and hills beyond

Glacier National Park

Snow in Glacier

222 miles and the bikes and us arrive in Kalispell, MT and the Holiday Inn Express

The Day ended at Moose's Saloon. This was recommended by Daddy. It did have excellent pizza and beer.

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