Part 7 Lake Louise AB to Revelstoke BC

Day 7
Look what I wake up too!!! right outside my bedroom window. Not only a view to make you just stop and stare but BLUE SKY.. the first of the trip

This kind of morning calls for a walk around the lake before breakfast

Want to take your own postcard. Lake Louise in the morning

every where the view of the lake and glacier changes and is more beautiful every time you look up

Viktor and Leslie did make it back last night, just as we were pulling is as well, so the team is back together and off we go in the sunshine

The highest falls in Canada is our first stop, inside Yoho National Park
Cathedral Mountain (below)

Michall Mountain (below)

Wildflowers all around the falls

Emerald Lake (above) for lunch, outside of Field BC. The picture says it all
Wapta Mountain (below)

the gang dining alfresco

Arriving in Revlestoke 144 miles

Everyone wanted pub food tonight..hmm its not like that isn't what we have been eating! ;-) It was good and the company was great. After dinner we moved out onto the patio and continued to enjoy the beautiful day.

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