Part 4 Kalispell MT to Johnston Canyon Resort AB

Day 4
Kalispell, MT to Johnston Canyon Resort (between Lake Louise and Banff) 320 mile

A very interesting day. We had planned to leave early with kick stands up at 8 am, but in the hotel parking lot, Barry discovered that one of his tail lights was loose. After messing with it for awhile in the hotel parking lot the comedy moved to the parking lot of Lowe's. Barry bought tools and proceeded to fix it right on the parking lot in front of the store. Fortunetly it was very early and no one was shopping quite yet.

While the repairs were going on at one spot, with the men supervising. The girls were doing leg lunges and squat thrusts... preparing for the ride?

Queing up at the Canadian Border... I wonder if now would be a good time to ask them about their health care?

Well I made it across and they were suprising gentle with the rubber glove.

Canadian Rockies are beautiful

Mark and Ann posing by one of our picture stops

Castle Rock (below)

Pilot Mountain (Below)

Castle Mountain Lodge- Beer stop. Good thing we have Kelli's car. Many 6 packs were purchased

Today's destination- Johnston Canyon Resort.

Fantastic Cabins nestled in the woods.

cabin 9A for Craig

And now for the real comic relief- Before we went to dinner, we were all sitting on Saundra and Barry's cabin porch and Saundra accidently locked herself out of the cabin. Kelli can get in through an open window that I decide to close on her for a photo op.

The next thing we know, she is mooning us and suddenly SMASH! the old single pane window breaks and glass and ass are everywhere.

The aftermath of the incident needed some first aid.

Dinner afterward was excellent- the stuffed Ravioli with cheese and spinach in a cream sauce and a bottle of Pinot Noir. We live to ride another day.

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