The Great Canadian Motorcycle Adventure - August 2009

August 13- 23 2009
Rapid City, South Dakota to Jasper, Alberta and back in 13 days. (3400 miles) This is what I bought the motorcycle for and everything I have done with it has been leading up to this trip.
This will be unlike anything I have done before, but this will be my real adventure, not an arm chair one, watching Ewan and Charlie!
My Plan is to post every evening of the trip that I have internet access.
I have 3 days of work to do on my way to Rapid City, so I will be leaving with the trailer on August 10th

PRE-TRIP REPORT August 8th and 9th

The Trailer arrives

The bike waiting patiently to be packed. (above)
The packing is fairly quick and easy. My lightweight backpacking skills mean I do not need much. (below)

All packed up! My riding gear is in the orange duffle, so when I am on the bike that bag will go away.

In honor of the US to Canada, and hopefully back ride, the cases are sporting the country flags on both sides

Bike packed away and tied down in the trailer. Might be a side story for later, (hopefully not!) but I borrowed the trailer from a friend who lives in Wisconsin, they do not require license plates or registration of trailers... hmmm. Lets see how far I get...

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