Part 10- Missoula to Helena, MT

Day 10- Change of Plan
Missoula is where Kelli and Brian live and at dinner it was discussed that we would take the first part of the day and float the Bitterroot River. Well half of us thought this was a great idea. Viktor and Leslie and Marty and Kelly decided to start back toward Rapid City and the rest of us crazy people went on an adventure on the Bitterroot!
Mark and Ann, Barry, Saundra, Kelli and myself load into a shuttle and head for the river.

The day could not have been more perfect. The water was a great temperature for floating

No sooner had we gotten in the water and at the very first rapids... Barry is over

Followed very soon by Mark!

Once we got the group together it was smooth floating and great fun.

Very Relaxing

A nice bit of adventure shag growing... and I learned that it is not grey hair, but chrome highlights... hehehe got to love those Harley guys.

Our reduced numbers. What was 7 bikes is now 4
Out of the water and on to Helena, MT. Only 116 miles to get there and it is later afternoon. Some Hwy 90 driving, but once we got off the super highway and onto Hwy 12 the riding was fantastic. Many moutain passes and some truly great scenary. The shadows were long and it was a great day to be on a bike.
We had a nice dinner with Barry's family again at the Helena Country Club, after some very scary gravel road... Thanks again Barry! and stayed one more night at the Fairfield Inn in Helena

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