BWSTL- Hiking Club-Matson Hill Park- October 16, 2010

Backwoods, my local and preferred gear shop started up their Saturday trail days this week with a planned walk at Matson Hill Park. Vicky and I have never been to Matson Hill Park, even though we are only about 10 miles from the park, so we thought we would go and walk with the group. We suspected that there would be about 6-12 people come for the walk. This turned into a fantastic turn out for Backwoods with 36 people coming to the walk. Needless to say the small parking lot was overrun with cars and people.

 The cars and people start to arrive.
 What started out to be just few people quickly swelled into an amazing group of all ages
 Gathering for the start. Should we hike together or break into smaller groups?

The Backwoods Hiking Guru and organizer, Rick, gives a pre-hike overview
Off on the 4.9 mile Matson Hill Trail. This trail was created to cater to bikes and it was very nice with a lot of switch backs and changing scenery. I am sure we will go back to do this trail often

Lots of small yet wonderful things to see in on the ground
Fungus of various shapes and colors

Wildflowers still in bloom
 And of course the attack garter snake!

The group stopped for its first official rest break, but we are missing a few people! So I went back to look for our missing comrades. Found them and we carried on as our own little group enjoying the day, at a more leisurely pace
 Vicky enjoying the sunshine and perfect day

 Rick and Vicky waited at a junction point for our missing band of hikers and we move toward the finish still keeping our relaxing pace... ;-)
 Looking up to the tree canopy, during a break, you can begin to see the changing of the color in the forest
All 36 Backwoods hikers!  congratulations on a great event

Below- see the group moving on the trail

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