BWSTL- Hiking Club- Long Spring Cuivre River- October 30th, 2010

It was another beautiful day for a walk with the St.Louis Backwoods Hiking Club. I am not sure who Rick knows, but he has ordered the most superb weather for the last two walks. This time they were going to the trail I know very well: Cuivre River Long Spring section. We planned to do the full 6 miles with a stop half way to let anyone who had had enough stop for the day.

34 people showed up for this hike- another great turnout for Rick and Backwoods
Rick togs up for the walk
 Most of the trees had lost their leaves already, but that makes the woods a much easier place to see all the rolling hills
Fugus amongus... ;-)
Half way into the first 3 mile section is the Lone Spring itself
 The Group stops for a rest break and chit chat at the spring....

A giant walking stick is hard to see against a tree, being the exact color, but against the yellow trail sign it really stands out... wonder what attracted it.. the color?

There was a little navigational challenges following the yellow trail signs, but nothing major and we were all soon moving in the right direction again

The only water in the creeks, were just small clear pools.
We all stopped back in the parking lot after 3 miles, 17 would leave us, but the rest had some snacks and then we were ready to move on.
 The second 3 miles loop was done in a little more than an hour
 A few leaves of color remain in the very tops of the oaks

Just another spectacular day in the woods
The group moving on the trail. Not exactly LNT but we did pick up a considerable amount of trail trash, so it all balances out in the end

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