Indian Camp Creek Park- Dec. 5th 2010

We have found lots of really nice walking spots close to our house by joining the BWSTL hiking group. The Group had planned a walk at Indian Camp Creek Park on December 5th, but Rick, the group leader, got sick and couldn't officially sponsor the event. Vicky and I decided to go out early in the morning, since we had never been there, and walk the trail. Most of these trails are for mountain bike use and they are really nicely done. This park is brand new ( only a couple years old). We were the only people in the entire park this morning. Temperature in the low 20's with some flurries.

We are dressed for the weather and had a great time

Judging from the map of the park, there is about 6 or 7 miles of trails to explore
 The trail was easy to follow and we walked the 3 miles loop.

 There is an old farmstead on the Park property. They have made the silo into a lookout tower with a spiral stairway and outlined the old farmhouse with a metal frame to show where it would have stood.
  The chimney is still left
The park is very diverse with some hard/soft wood, pine/cedar and grass land.

Animal sightings:
Redheaded woodpeckers along with lots of birds, Cardinals, BlueJays, etc
lots Deer tracks

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