BWSTL- Lewis and Clark Trail February 20, 2011

The first hike of the spring BWSTL Hiking Club was at the Lewis and Clark trail in St.Charles County. The temperature was 70 degrees for a February weekend. Vicky and I have hiked this 5.3 mile trail dozens of times and the turn out for the BWSTL walk was again fantastic. 30 people came out for the walk.
The whole group started at once
 The trail was very muddy in spots, especially at the very beginning and ending of the trail

Looking up at the first big uphill climb
 This trail does give you great views of the Missouri River from high on the bluffs.

Looking Southwest

Looking Northeast
 With such a large group we took several breaks

Rob ( Backwoods sales person) and his friends move along the trail
 Vicky moving smartly

 Turkey tail fungus
Q: Can you identify the bird that this feather belongs too?
A: It is an Oriole feather ( I can't say I have ever seen an Oriole before)

 It was a great day to be in woods

Rick and Janine. Thanks so much for organizing these great days out in the woods

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