First Hammock Hang- July 2, 2011

Finally a day off to get the hammock out and put it between to real trees. I have had it up in the basement for a couple of weeks as I have removed the heavy commercial parts from it and installed a real light weight suspension using whoopie slings and tree huggers with toggles. Indian Camp Creek is very close to my house and has several areas to practice a hang. It was a nice day, but hot. 92 at 8:30 am with about 90% humidity.

 Summer flowers were everywhere in the park. I was surpised not to see any snakes, sunning themselves, today

Pitched the hammock in a groove of Cedar trees about 50 feet off the trail. 3 bikers and 2 trail runners passed by and never noticed I was resting just off the trail

Plenty of room for me to lay perfectly flat

 The view through the bug netting, keeping the flying, biting insects off me.
The hammock should be perfect for hikes in Missouri, Minnesota, and the Smoky Mountain Area.

Video of today's hike and closeup of the new hammock

Trail- 4 miles in 1:30 minutes-
Grand Trunk Hammock- skeeter beater
Hammock Suspension-
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